Risk free voting service available worldwide, Secure and Stable

We are an European based Signal Service Provider on the Flare Network.

We collect latest price ticker from multiple data sources (exchanges, dex and defi).

Earn Spark

Earn Spark by your vote's delegation to us and our system. Easy by standard, simply connect your Metamask or any other wallet.

Risk Free

While you connect with us by your wallet, your Sparks will be always under your strict control. Your Keys, your Money!

Fast, Secure and Cheap

Flare uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine, it is a FBA network powered by the Avalanche Consensus Algorithm. Flare has high tps and low fees.

We supply Signals under a set of main principles and rules.

  • Accuracy

  • Resiliency

  • Scalability

  • Privacy

  • Trasparency

Our Software Implementation and Architecture.

Sample Backend Application

The Peer

ftso-node> to run web sample use "ftso -r" and "-s" to stop.
ftso-node> To get help "ftso -h"
ftso.eu is a Flare Time Series Oracle.

    This is only a web sample version

    It is working with sample data.

    What we are building

    Private P2P Network

    ensures adaptation to external conditions, resiliency and decentralization

    Solid Algorithm

    not limited only to evaluating data from Cex and Dex but that learns from them by exploiting different metrics

    Ftso.eu Oracle

    a proprietay system that may scale and ensure high reliability in signal submission

    Continuous Monitoring

    always up to date on the state of components and transparent towards end users