Tool to Generate Flare Wallet

Switch your Desktop or Device in flight mode to generate safety keys

For Security reason we advise you to switch your device in Flight Mode.

All data (mnemonic, private key and public key) are generated by your browser.


Follow the next steps
  • Switch off Networks
  • Generate Mnemonic (12 words)
  • Generate Addresses (Private Key and Public Key)
  • and then: to the moon!

This tool is made with the Bip39 Library and others open source libraries.

This tool is not a Wallet/Portfolio. It generates only the datas you need to import in any wallet you want (Metamask). It means we don't offer any services to store or manage credentials neither we are a Wallet Provider.

Wallet Generator by Mnemonic Phrase

The Seed

Private Key

Public Key

Useful information before to start
  • Do not save or store mnemonic, seed, address and private key on computer without a strong crittography tool (Save always in app like Keepass2Android or similar).

  • Working always in offline mode.

  • About Mnemonic generation: Do not use sentences from books, movies or song.

  • You could restore from any Mnemonic you already have. But it's not our core business.

  • With Mnemonic and Seed you could generate many address/private key pairs as you want. Account generated is always the number 1 or 0 (array)